Streamline workflows with long DNA that does not compromise on accuracy.


  • Linear DNA from 1 to 7kb
  • Error rates as low as 1:70,000 bp
  • Delivered as fast as 7 days
  • Enabling the Synthetic Biology Revolution - on
  • Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News


Streamline your gene synthesis workflow going from design to experiment

Faster Turnaround


business days

DNA shipped in 6 - 8 business days, so you go from ideas to results faster

Longer DNA

up to7kb

in length

Delivering longer DNA, letting you focus on your discoveries

Superior Accuracy


sequence perfect molecules

DNA so accurate, it simplifies your workflow

  • Plan with confidence
  • Execute on time
  • Get more done


Low Error Rate Regardless of Length

Elegen reliably delivers DNA up to 7kb with more than 95% of the molecules sequence perfect. Traditional gene fragments have an error rate of 1 in 3500, meaning laborious traditional cloning is often required for your workflow. Elegen’s unique process yields superior DNA that can often be used without traditional cloning in many high-throughput workflows. When clonal DNA is required, Elegen’s DNA streamlines your workflow by simplifying assembly of longer DNA while letting you pick far fewer colonies.

High-Accuracy Gene Synthesis – Unleash Your Productivity

Despite significant advancements, the field of Synthetic Biology has yet to fully deliver on its promise of a world where we can overcome the challenges we face in human health and our environment by programming biology itself. To help, the team at Elegen is revolutionizing the field by leveraging high-accuracy gene synthesis to produce a new class of DNA. With an industry-leading combination of length, speed, and accuracy, ENFINIA DNA is set to disrupt the gene synthesis status quo and democratize the agile development of biology.

Save weeks with every iteration and months off every project

With ENFINIA DNA, customers can now short-circuit the tedious, slow, and costly build phase without compromising on quality. Instead of relying on short DNA that is less than 3kb in length with error rates higher than 1:5000 bp or waiting weeks for clonal synthesis services, get the long DNA you need now without sacrificing quality. Imagine being able to transition designs to functional testing at lightning-fast speeds, receiving DNA at lengths up to 7kb in just 7 days with an average error rate lower than 1:65000 bp. This is the future of Synthetic Biology, and Elegen is leading the charge with a new class of DNA.

Here's how our DNA meets your needs

Sequence Submission Acceptance Criteria
Elegen Standard Complexity Elegen High Complexity
DNA sequence length 300 - 5.500bp 300 - 7,000bp
Overall GC content 25 - 65% 25 - 75%
100bp GC content 22 - 75% 16 - 80%
Local GC variation up to 60% up to 60%
Repeats up to 20bp up to 100bp
Homopolymers* up to 7 bases for G/C and 8 bases for A/T up to 10 bases for G/C and 20 bases for A/T
  • 1. Elegen DNA will be provided with a 46bp adapter on the 5’ end and a 42bp adapter on the 3’ end of the desired sequence. Adapter sequences will be provided.
  • 2. The submitted sequences will be delivered as dried down linear double-stranded DNA in a 96 well plate or tubes.

* At this time, the QC methods we use for production do not provide high confidence in fidelity of A/T homopolymer sequences longer than 10bp. A/T homopolymer sequences up to 20bp will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee synthesis quality above 10bp. We are working to address this in the near future.

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