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Our Vision

For decades, the promise of synthetic biology has been fundamentally limited by our ability to accurately, reliably and rapidly synthesize DNA at scale. Elegen helps researchers and builders of the new bioeconomy turn their imagination into reality with fast-turnaround, high quality long, synthetic DNA; eliminating the need for time-intensive in-house cloning and enabling rapid prototyping in the biologic sciences.

We engineer DNA so you can engineer biology

We’ve engineered a new class of DNA — unlike any non-clonal or clonal products offered today. With Elegen’s DNA, you no longer have to make trade-offs to make breakthroughs.

Here’s why:

  • Elegen delivers long-strand DNA in 1 week, so you can go from ideas to results, faster.
  • Get the DNA you ordered—with no surprises.  Error rate: 1:68,000 (>95% of the molecules delivered are sequence perfect)
  • Engineer metabolic pathways, gene clusters and genomes. DNA constructs up to 7kb on launch; and soon >20kb.
  • Scalable manufacturing process reliably delivers long, high-fidelity DNA you need, whether you order 1 or 1,000 sequences.
  • Eliminate cloning— do more while saving time and money (3X as many projects with the same resources).

Fueling the Synthetic Biology Revolution


Creating sustainable, abundant food sources is one of the most important goals of synthetic biology, and desperately needed as our resources shrink and our needs grow.


Biology has been creating compounds through enzymatic chemistry before humans were around. Let’s tap into the world’s oldest green chemical manufacturing process and evolve it to create new chemicals.


From petrochemical based polymers to clothing, synthetic biology has the power to re-create our everday materials in a more green and sustainable way.

Our Leadership


Matt Hill, PhD

Marc Unger

Marc Unger, PhD



Elegen is developing a suite of innovative technologies to unlock the SynBio revolution, and we need the best and brightest to succeed. For all our positions, there will be substantial opportunities for career growth and development as the company grows, including leadership opportunities for suited individuals.

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